some day you will have to start
Thursday, August 14, 2003
The land was vast. Vast but barren. A lone bird sat there looking at sky waiting for few droplets of water. He never wished more than few droplets. He only wished the watr was pure. Pure like tears or dew drops. But the season had changed and water was not pure any more. The rule of the land had changed. It said the birds must gather in flocks and fight and drink each others blood. The only water you can get is through blood. But our lone bird still believed that some day some where again rules will change. He kept on waiting till it became impossible for him to stand the heat. Then a soft voice told him. Go away to another land. I know you love this land. I know you have small wings. I know you may not go far off.But you will not know power of your wings till you fly away from your land.

And so he started ...

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